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Every person on the Occult Bookstore staff is a skilled and experienced practitioner on the path of spirituality.

We are a pan-traditional team focused on preserving the wisdom of the masters and keeping the knowledge of the ancient mysteries intact, including initiatory experience in:

Lucid Dreaming, Sorcery, Tribal Based Traditions, Western and Eastern Mystery School Traditions including Pagan Practices and Crafting Traditions, Solomonic Magick, Enochican Magick, Hermetisim, Kabbalistic Mysteries, Alchemical Magick, Germanic Occultism, Ancient Sumerian Rites and Practices, African Diaspora Traditions and Practices, Native American Tribal Spiritual Practices, Buddhism, Reiki, Pranic Healings, Angelic Magic, Fey and Fairy Magic, Astral Realms and the Divinational Arts of Tarot, Runes, Pendulum, Astrology, Geomancy, Palmistry, Channeling and Mediumship.

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