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Occult Society Church Fundraiser

Hello Spiritual Community and Friends on the Path~

We are raising money for the endowment fund of the permanent space for the Occult Bookstore, Spiritual Society & Church.

With a permanent sanctuary space, we are dedicated to remaining a spiritual resource for you and our future generations. 

Help us continue the mission which began many decades ago in Chicago when the Occult Bookstore first opened it's doors in service to the community as a resource dedicated to the mysteries of life.

Every little bit of giving helps.

Even just $3.

We still have a ways to go, so please give generously and compassionately. 

The Occult Spiritual Society is a recognized church and religious society with a succession and lineage of magical bishops tracing back centuries. While continuing the Occult Bookstore's original mission from decades past, the last 15 years brought dedicated clergy Louvel, Lisa and Obie to care for this community while offering spiritual guidance to some of life's biggest questions.

Together we have built a spiritual community, and helped many discover the ancient wisdoms as living traditions while exploring the path to the divine.

For the decades to come, we want to continue to encourage each of you along your spiritual path while preserving the mysteries of the ancients.

Remember that ANY amount you can give will make you part of us all building a secure future together!


Help us do this

Help us give Occult Spiritual Society a permanent space.

Be part of the legacy we are building together today.


All donations are tax deductible