A Spiritual Resource since 1918

100 Years of Occult Service


Help us celebrate!!!  And continue our
history of spiritual service...


The Occult Bookstore has been a part Chicago's history for 100 years, since 1918, standing as a magical institution and spiritual resource for generations of  healers, seekers, dedicants upon the path.

We continue to be a place for clients, practitioners, spiritual seekers and renowned experts in esoteric fields to come together to share knowledge, wisdom, healing and exceptional service to those not familiar with the metaphysical workings and magic.  The caretakers strive for ANYONE with a driving desire to boost and encourage their own spiritual growth to be welcomed, supported, nurtured and heard within a store dedicated to the mysteries of life.

We continue to keep the mysteries of the ancients alive and serve as a connection to the whole.

Help us grow into our next 100 years as a collective space for metaphysicians,
practitioners and community of the spiritual arts.

Help us celebrate!  and continue our history of spiritual service...

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