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Welcome to the Occult Spiritual Society!

We are thrilled to announce our big plans for the very near future!  After contemplating life in these uncertain times, we decided that the best way we can continue to support people is by strengthening how we serve the community. We are raising funds for a permanent community sanctuary and have become a Non for Profit org – the Occult Spiritual Society - dedicated to serving the community in new ways!  

For over 100 years, Occult has stood clear in our mission to serve as a magical and spiritual resource for the community. 
This continues to be our mission, and as caretakers of all the artifacts and spirits here, we are happy to announce that we will offer our Inner Temple - for the first time ever - to the public, and for our members, more events and rituals than ever before!

 As you may know, Louvel and Lisa have been personally devoted to spiritual guidance for the community for over 30 years. And now, we have been called to move into a new place of priesthood for the community. It is part of our new mission to propel more people than ever before to move into a spiritual awakening.

We remain dedicated to preserving and encouraging the continuation of religious and spiritual practices of ancient civilizations, theurgic and gnostic philosophy, religion and science, ethnic and indigenous peoples, including the study and practice thereof, and investigating the magical and mystical laws of the universe and the occult and psychical powers latent in esoteric human nature. 

We have cherished the times spent getting to know people in the community and spiritually consulting with so many of you. We will continue to be available in this way to provide forthright, open, and genuine feedback to you.

 We know the kinds of products and services that our community values, so we will also continue to:

– sell rare spiritual books, plus conjure and ritual supplies 

– provide spiritual consultations

– grow and sustainably harvest magical herbs grown on sacred private lands

– hold our Wednesday Occult Social Night - Coffee Clutch

– host rare book launches, provide expert lectures and workshops

 And now, we are set to help more people on their spiritual evolution, to raise the vibration of the community and humanity to bring forth a new period of new growth and evolution... 

As we are opening our Inner Temple to the public, it contains never before seen, rare and ancient artifacts, and it's our honor to release these mysteries to you. And part of the Inner Temple will serve as a Occult Spiritual Society Museum, with experienced practitioners to serve as curators and docents. Spiritual seekers can learn ancient secrets and also find tons of inspiration for their magical and mystical practice here.

We are now open at 2032 W Grand Ave, near Damen, where we are able to provide magical packed experiences, including new events to members! Some of them will be available to the public, too.

We are so excited for our upcoming plans for this new space! Find your place here and get the chance to experience many new events that are available to members, such as:

– Public rituals and Sabbats

– Witch Dinners

– Access to the Wizards Library

– Spiritual Consultations

– Monthly masses for members

– New Moon ceremony upon invitation/ advanced members only

– Indigenous rituals upon invitation/ advanced members only


 We hope you'll be part of our new Occult Spiritual Society that will spiritually strengthen the community, the city and beyond! We are excited for all that we're offering and for you to join us soon! 

As always, our space all of our events are open and affirming to all marginalized peoples. Our ministry is made up of, and dedicated to serving the BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ community.


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